Hello, we are Bumbóg

(it means bumblebee and is pronounced Bum-boh-g!)

Handcrafted in Dublin, our hand sanitiser contains the World Health Organisation recommended 70% minimum alcohol, to which we have added a blend of premium essential oils and glycerin so it's easy on your hands.

Refill and Reuse

We believe every action makes a difference and by offering more sustainable alternatives, we can make small choices which have large impacts. 

Bumbóg comes in two sizes, one size for your pocket and one for refilling it!

We use quality ingredients

Our alcohol is sourced from an Irish Distillery and blended with Lavender, Rosemary and Mandarin essential oils to give a fresh uplifting scent each time you spray your hands.

The formula is registered with the Irish Department of Agriculture.

PCS 100907

Interested in retailing Bumbóg?

Contact us at hello@bumbog.ie


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Here at Dunville Pharmacy the staff and customers love Bumbóg for its beautiful  scents of essential oils and for the silky nature it leaves on your hands afterwards.  Perfect at this time of year for not only protecting our hands but uplifting our spirits. Cheers Bumbog!

Dunville Pharmacy

Bumbóg is a customer favourite and bestseller for us. It looks great on the counter at POS and customers love the scent and quality of the product.

Green Beards

After using all sorts of sticky, slow drying hand sanitisers we were delighted to find 'Bumbóg', a beautifully scented Irish made product. We had it available for our customers to use and once they had tried it, they bought some for themselves!'

Costelloe & Costelloe