Hand sprays have become ubiquitous in our lives and even if Covid is behind us, it is always handy to have a sanitising spray at home, at work or when you are on the go in public places or transport. 
Since its launch in 2021, Bumbóg has become a cult classic on the Irish market, thanks to its
  • great refreshing smell (our special essential oil blend),
  • handy pocket size,
  • non sticky feel on the hands.


Case of 20 Bumbóg hand sanitiser (50ml), side view


\ Bumbóg is presented in a lovely display containing 20 hand sprays. We also offer refill bottles for consumers looking to save money and protect the environment.

\ We are available in gift shops, book stores and cafes around Ireland and we would love to have you in our circle.

 \ If you'd like to buy our Bumbóg products for your shop, please create an account on our wholesale website shared with our sister brand The Nature of Things.

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\ Bumbóg is a brilliant gift to offer to your employees at home, at the office and anywhere in between.

\ its uplifting scent and sanitising powers will keep everyone happy

\ join the growing number of businesses who make Bumbóg a constant offering for their staff

  • email us at hello@bumbóg.ie for your corporate/volume discount

hotels and spas

\ as a thoughtful welcome gift for your guests

\ for your retail shop or spa

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